How to Blow a Bubble With Gum and Make Bigger and Better Bubbles

How to Blow a Bubble With Gum and Make Bigger and Better Bubbles

Are you looking for a fun way to entertain yourself and your friends? Blowing bubble gum is a fun and enjoyable experience, but it can be difficult to learn how to do it properly. In this article, we will teach you step-by-step how to blow a bubble with gum and make bigger and better bubbles. We will discuss the types of gum to use, the techniques for blowing the perfect bubble, and ways to make sure your bubbles last longer. Read on to learn more about the wonderful world of bubble blowing!

Types of Gum to Use for Blowing Bubbles

When it comes to bubble gum, there are many different types to choose from. Some brands are specifically designed for bubble blowing, while others are more general types of gum. When choosing a gum for bubble blowing, it is important to consider the texture and flavor of the gum. For example, a softer gum will be easier to work with and create bigger bubbles, while a harder gum will produce smaller, more controlled bubbles. Additionally, certain flavors of gum may be more effective for bubble blowing than others. For example, a minty flavor may be better for creating bigger bubbles, while a fruity flavor may be better for creating smaller bubbles.

Techniques for Blowing a Perfect Bubble

Once you have selected the right type of gum, the next step is to learn the proper technique for blowing a bubble. Start by taking a small piece of gum, about the size of a pea, and rolling it into a ball. Place the gum between your lips and blow gently to create a small bubble. Then, use your tongue to press the bubble outward to make it bigger. Keep in mind that you should not blow too hard, as this can cause the bubble to burst or become misshapen. Once the bubble reaches the desired size, pinch the bubble with your fingers to seal it.

Tips for Making Your Bubbles Last Longer

Once you have learned the basics of bubble blowing, it is important to understand how to make your bubbles last longer. First, try to blow your bubbles slowly, as this will help keep the bubble from popping too quickly. Additionally, using a higher-quality gum or adding a bit of glycerin to the gum before blowing can help the bubble last longer. Finally, try to keep your bubbles away from heat, as this can cause them to deflate.


In conclusion, bubble blowing is a fun and enjoyable activity that anyone can learn to do. By selecting the right type of gum and learning the proper technique, you can create bigger and better bubbles. Additionally, there are several tips you can use to make your bubbles last longer. So, grab some gum and get ready to have some bubble-blowing fun!

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