Upcoming Honda HR-V proving to be extremely popular

Upcoming Honda HR-V proving to be extremely popular

As we all know, the Honda HR-V is coming to Malaysia very soon. Order books opened during the second week of June 2022, and its launch has been scheduled for sometime this month. Astonishingly, there have already been reports that the fresh HR-V had a massive influx of orders. 

With an extensive waiting list extending to 2023, it is apparent that the Honda Malaysia launch was highly anticipated. In July 2022, many orders were collected, and records indicate a March 31, March 31 2023, deadline for registration for customers to be eligible for SST exemption. Honda Malaysia will meet this date with ease.

Honda Malaysia made history with the outgoing Honda HR-V by pricing it below six figures, and its immense popularity is undeniable. This revolutionary vehicle changed the game. When Honda Malaysia was launched, it rapidly rose to the top and exceeded Toyota’s nationwide sales numbers.

But the release of the Corolla Cross rebalanced the competition between these two titans on the market. Currently, Honda Malaysia’s lead is only applicable for passenger cars, excluding commercial vehicles like the Toyota Hilux and Hiace distributed by UMW Toyota Motor.

The Honda HR-V is launched as a more luxurious option than its predecessor. The previous model was supplied with the 1.8-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine used in the Civic. This engine was plain and standard, not remarkably powerful or fuel-efficient, yet it assured customers to purchase as it had already been tested.

The facelift of the Honda Malaysia brought an exciting new hybrid motor alternative – a 1.5-litre choice utilizing i-DCD Sport Hybrid technology. For the ultimate combination of performance and energy efficiency, this innovative system features a dual-clutch transmission with an electric motor; plus, you can save fuel costs while driving in style.

An RS flagship was also launched, including cosmetic upgrades to its 1.8L petrol engine and improved steering precision. The upcoming HR-V will completely revolutionize the market. It comes with a base model powered by the same 1.5L naturally aspirated engine as its predecessors, the City and City Hatchback models.

Despite the Ringgit and inflationary pressures, this presents an economic access point to the small crossover. The 1.5-litre turbocharged engine from the Civic will be one step up in power output. With the introduction of the HR-V Turbo, this vehicle will have a competitive edge to tackle its other turbocharged competitors such as Proton X50, Peugeot 2008, and Hyundai Kona Turbo.

Honda Malaysia has made the groundbreaking move of placing an RS e: HEV hybrid variant as their leading model in the compact car range, and now we anticipate this same approach will be taken with the HR-V. Boasting at least 253Nm of torque, the e: HEV hybrid will provide dynamic performance with faster acceleration than its 1.5 turbo counterpart while also delivering outstanding fuel efficiency.


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