What Kind of Apps Can You Develop with Unity?

What Kind of Apps Can You Develop with Unity?

The industry has gotten used to Unity as a game engine suitable for making gaming apps only. But is it true? In this article, we prove that Unity is one of the best platforms for creating almost any piece of software you may need for your business. Moreover, plenty of reliable Unity development services may help you with any initiative in this direction.


One of the most persuasive arguments for using Unity as your primary development platform is that it provides the prospect for elaborating cross-platform solutions. Therefore, any present-day business can address a Unity development outsourcing company and get a high-quality VR/AR app, video game, training simulation, mobile application, or the like.

Why Should You Opt for Unity?

Although the market is replete with various valuable software solutions, Unity is still one of the best choices for almost any undertaking in the IT industry. So, let’s discuss the most evident advantages of using Unity for your software development.


  • Intuitive UI & low entry threshold. Given a straightforward user interface and multiple SDKs, plugins, as well as the Asset Store filled with various free models onboard, you won’t need to pay extra for Unity developers with 10+ years of experience.
  • High-quality graphics. Whether you intend to develop a VR app or training simulator for your personnel, Unity provides a decent quality of computer-generated imagery (CGI), so the application users will be satisfied with your product.
  • Cross-platform development. Thanks to the open-source cross-platform .NET compatibility framework, you can write your code in C#, which is the programming language supported by Unity, and your app can be deployed on Android, iOS, or other platforms built with the help of Java, Objective-C, as well as many different languages.
  • Extensive documentation & supportive global community. Quite often, software documentation saves the day, and that’s the case with Unity because its official instructions are enough to develop any application. In addition, you can always debug your app by addressing an incredibly helpful community on the internet, which will always lend you a hand.
  • All-stop shop. It’s no secret that this game engine offers almost all kinds of opportunities to develop your app from various perspectives, from scripting to animating assets, inasmuch as Unity is equipped with a broad spectrum of plugins, libraries, and functionality.

Top 5 Types of Applications to Build inside Unity

Since Unity supports a lot of graphic APIs, such as Direct X, OpenGL, Vulkan, and the rest, you can create numerous apps that rely on impressive visuals. Many global companies like Program-Ace (you can get familiar with it on its official website — www.program-ace.com) use this game engine for many projects. So, what kind of apps can you build in Unity?


  1. Gaming. As obvious as it may seem, a game engine is used to develop games or other entertainment apps.
  2. Training, simulation, and rehabilitation. With the in-built and plugin powers of Unity, you can create helpful VR-based software for your team onboarding or education. The same goes for rehabilitation VR/MR applications that will help your users revive from severe injuries.
  3. Metaverse & NFT. In the age of Web3, businesses more often refer to metaverse development services, let alone NFT projects. Unity provides your team with all the tools required to build vast virtual worlds integrated with blockchain technology and in-built marketplaces offering related NFT assets.
  4. Product configurators. Almost everything that has the third dimension can be created with Unity, so you can build your own product configurator to display cars, outfits, special equipment, or anything that can be digitally customized in the best light possible.
  5. 3D visualization. Given that you have a team of professional 3D artists and developers who can turn your business ideas into code, Unity will serve as a platform to integrate all your assets and even animate everything or make a sequence out of it to demonstrate the benefits of a property, interior design, etc.

Practical Approach to Creating an App with Unity

According to Statista, the revenue of Unity Software Inc. has risen from $125.5m in 2018 for creating solutions to $326.6m in 2021, which is good news for ambitious developers willing to contribute to the industry. Well, the best way to do it right is to address a Unity development outsourcing company because they have already undergone all the hardships and challenges to come up with an efficient strategy. Find a partner and actualize your dreams!


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