Interview with CEO Chesnais: The Future of Atari

Interview with CEO Chesnais: The Future of Atari

Rebuilding the Brand:

Chesnais acknowledges that rebuilding the Atari brand has been a key focus since he took over as CEO in 2013. He emphasizes the importance of nostalgia and leveraging the company’s rich history to connect with both old and new generations of gamers. Chesnais believes that Atari’s timeless classics, such as Pong and Asteroids, still hold immense value and can be reimagined for modern platforms. He states, “We want to bring back the magic of Atari while embracing the possibilities of today’s technology.”

To achieve this, Atari has been investing in game development studios and partnering with independent developers to create innovative and engaging titles. Chesnais highlights that Atari is not just about retro gaming; they are actively working on new IPs and exploring emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). By combining their heritage with cutting-edge technology, Atari aims to capture the attention of both long-time fans and a new generation of gamers.

Expanding into New Markets:

In addition to revitalizing its brand, Atari is also expanding into new markets beyond traditional gaming. Chesnais recognizes the potential of blockchain technology and its impact on the gaming industry. He reveals that Atari is exploring opportunities to integrate blockchain into their games, enabling players to own and trade virtual assets securely. This move aligns with the growing trend of blockchain-based gaming platforms and the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Furthermore, Atari is venturing into the world of casino gaming. Chesnais explains that Atari Casino, an online platform offering a range of casino games, is part of their strategy to diversify revenue streams and reach a wider audience. By leveraging their brand recognition and incorporating elements of Atari’s iconic games into the casino experience, they aim to attract both gaming enthusiasts and casino players alike.

The Role of Mobile Gaming:

Mobile gaming has become a dominant force in the gaming industry, and Atari recognizes its significance. Chesnais emphasizes that Atari is committed to delivering high-quality gaming experiences on mobile devices. He believes that mobile platforms provide an opportunity to introduce Atari’s games to a massive audience worldwide. To achieve this, Atari has been optimizing their classic titles for mobile devices while also developing new mobile-exclusive games.

Chesnais acknowledges the challenges of the mobile market, including intense competition and monetization strategies. However, he remains confident in Atari’s ability to stand out by offering unique gameplay experiences that resonate with players. He states, “We want to create games that capture the essence of Atari while embracing the convenience and accessibility of mobile gaming.”

Collaborations and Partnerships:

Collaborations and partnerships have played a crucial role in Atari’s recent endeavors. Chesnais highlights their collaboration with GSD Group to build Atari Hotels, a series of themed hotels that offer immersive gaming experiences. These hotels aim to attract gamers, esports enthusiasts, and families looking for a unique entertainment destination. Chesnais sees this venture as an opportunity to expand the Atari brand beyond gaming and create memorable experiences for guests.

Additionally, Atari has partnered with other companies to bring their games to new platforms. Chesnais mentions their collaboration with Tesla, where they developed Atari games that can be played on Tesla’s in-car entertainment system. Such partnerships allow Atari to reach audiences beyond traditional gaming platforms and tap into new markets.


Under the leadership of Frédéric Chesnais, Atari is embracing its rich heritage while actively exploring new opportunities in the gaming industry. By rebuilding the brand, expanding into new markets, focusing on mobile gaming, and forging strategic collaborations, Atari aims to stay relevant and capture the imagination of gamers worldwide. With a blend of nostalgia and innovation, Atari is poised to shape the future of gaming while honoring its iconic past.

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