Did you set your mind on becoming a volunteer in Tanzania?

Did you set your mind on becoming a volunteer in Tanzania?

Did you set your mind on becoming a volunteer in Tanzania? Yet, you don’t know what to start with? It is a common problem – going on a volunteering opportunity abroad requires a lot of planning and preparation. Thus, in this article we wish to help you – here is our guide on how to become a volunteer in Tanzania.

Do you want to volunteer in Tanzania? Here’s what you need to do!

Your life-changing trip to this African country cannot be done on impulse – you need to decide where exactly you want to go, what you want to do and comply with formal regulations. Below, we present a complex step-by-step guide on becoming a volunteer in Tanzania.

1. Find your volunteering program

You should begin with finding the right volunteering opportunity for you. Are you a doctor, or a nurse? Then there are definitely some options for clinical work. Do you love working with children? You might start teaching the local ones. There are a lot of projects going on in Tanzania, and you need to decide which you want to volunteer in.

The volunteering opportunity is often connected with yet another aspect – accommodation. This is why many organisations will charge you for embarking on such a journey. Look for those that cut down the costs to minimum, and ensure that your trip to Tanzania is indeed meaningful.

2. Get a volunteer visa

If you want to stay legally in Tanzania and do pro bono work, you need to apply for a volunteer visa. It may cost around $200. You need to have chosen your project first – a recommendation letter from your non-profit organisation is required for you to obtain the visa.

3. Get yourself vaccinated

African countries are known for some diseases that you won’t find in Europe. It is not different with Tanzania. If you wish to volunteer there, you absolutely have to get a yellow fever vaccination – you might be forbidden entry to the country if you don’t have it. Consider other vaccines as well – check the official WHO website to see which are suggested when travelling to Tanzania.

4. Pack up and jump on a plane

If you went through all the above steps, it’s time for the final one. Pack up and go on your journey! Remember to include mosquito repellents and clothes that cover your body – Tanzania is quite a conservative country, so you might not want short tops and similar clothes.

The takeaway

Follow our guide, and you will be ready to volunteer in Tanzania in no-time. Make a meaningful contribution to the local community and admire the magnificent views!


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