battlefield 2042 beta hands-on flying into the tornado

battlefield 2042 beta hands-on flying into the tornado

The Eye of the Storm: A New Battlefield Dynamic

In Battlefield 2042, tornadoes serve as dynamic environmental hazards that can drastically alter the course of a battle. These massive swirling storms can be seen from afar, drawing both awe and fear from players. However, instead of avoiding them, players now have the option to fly directly into these destructive forces.

Flying into a tornado is not for the faint-hearted. As you approach the storm, your aircraft will be buffeted by strong winds and turbulence, making it challenging to maintain control. Once inside, the chaos intensifies as debris and other objects are violently tossed around. The visual effects are stunning, with lightning illuminating the darkened sky and rain pelting against your windshield. It truly feels like being in the eye of the storm.

Strategic Advantages and Risks

Flying into a tornado may seem reckless, but it offers unique strategic advantages for those brave enough to take the risk. Firstly, tornadoes can act as a natural cover, obscuring your aircraft from enemy radar and making it harder for them to target you. This can provide a crucial element of surprise, allowing you to launch unexpected attacks or escape from dangerous situations.

Additionally, tornadoes can be used as a means of transportation. By flying into a tornado, you can be propelled across the map at high speeds, giving you a significant advantage in terms of mobility. This can be especially useful for capturing objectives or reaching critical areas quickly. However, it’s important to note that this method of transportation is not without its risks. The unpredictable nature of tornadoes means that you may be thrown off course or even damaged by debris, so careful maneuvering is essential.

Aerial Combat in the Eye of the Storm

Flying into a tornado not only affects your movement and positioning but also introduces a new dimension to aerial combat. As you navigate through the storm, you’ll encounter other aircraft attempting to do the same. This leads to intense dogfights amidst the chaos of wind and debris. The combination of limited visibility and unpredictable flight patterns makes these encounters thrilling and unpredictable.

To succeed in aerial combat within a tornado, pilots must adapt their strategies. Traditional tactics may not work as well in this unique environment, requiring players to think on their feet and make split-second decisions. The ability to use the storm as cover or as a means of escape adds an additional layer of complexity to these encounters, making them even more exhilarating.

Environmental Destruction and Dynamic Gameplay

One of the defining features of the Battlefield series is its emphasis on environmental destruction, and Battlefield 2042 takes it to new heights. Flying into a tornado showcases the game’s advanced physics engine and attention to detail. Buildings crumble, trees are uprooted, and vehicles are tossed around like toys as the storm wreaks havoc on the battlefield.

This level of environmental destruction not only adds to the realism but also creates dynamic gameplay scenarios. The landscape constantly changes as the tornado moves across the map, forcing players to adapt their strategies on the fly. What was once a fortified position may now be reduced to rubble, opening up new opportunities for flanking or ambushes. This ever-evolving battlefield keeps players on their toes and ensures that no two matches are the same.


The ability to fly into tornadoes in Battlefield 2042 is a thrilling addition to the game’s already intense gameplay. It offers strategic advantages, introduces new dynamics to aerial combat, and showcases the game’s impressive environmental destruction. As players dive into the chaos of the storm, they will experience a level of immersion and excitement that sets Battlefield 2042 apart from its predecessors. So buckle up, brace yourself, and prepare to fly into the heart of the storm in this epic battle for the future.


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