Watch High Fidelity 2020 123MOVIES: A Modern Take on a Classic Story

Watch High Fidelity 2020 123MOVIES: A Modern Take on a Classic Story

If you are a fan of the classic novel High Fidelity by Nick Hornby or the 2000 film adaptation starring John Cusack, you might be interested in the 2020 TV series adaptation of the same name. High Fidelity 2020 is a Hulu original series that premiered in February 2020 and stars Zoë Kravitz as the lead character, Robyn “Rob” Brooks. In this article, we will take a closer look at the show and why it is worth watching.

1. A Diverse Cast and Setting

One of the most noticeable differences between the original story and the TV series is the setting. While the book and movie were set in London and Chicago, respectively, the TV series takes place in Brooklyn, New York. This change in location allows for a more diverse cast and setting, which is refreshing to see on screen.

In addition to Kravitz’s portrayal of Rob, the show features a talented cast of actors from different backgrounds. Da’Vine Joy Randolph plays Cherise, Rob’s best friend and employee at her record store. Jake Lacy plays Clyde, Rob’s ex-boyfriend who she reconnects with throughout the series. Kingsley Ben-Adir plays Mac, Rob’s former flame who she tries to win back. The chemistry between the cast members is palpable and adds to the overall charm of the show.

2. A Soundtrack Worth Listening To

As with any adaptation of High Fidelity, music plays a significant role in the TV series. The show’s soundtrack features a mix of classic and contemporary songs that fit perfectly with each scene. From Rob’s introspective moments to her interactions with other characters, the music enhances the emotions and themes of each episode.

What sets the TV series apart from the book and movie is the inclusion of original music. Kravitz, who is also an executive producer on the show, performs several covers and original songs throughout the series. Her musical talent adds another layer to her character and makes the show even more enjoyable to watch.

3. A Modern Take on Relationships

At its core, High Fidelity is a story about relationships and how they shape us. The TV series takes this theme and updates it for a modern audience. Rob’s romantic relationships are not limited to just men, as she explores her sexuality throughout the series. The show also tackles issues such as ghosting, dating apps, and the fear of commitment.

What makes the show stand out is its honest portrayal of relationships. Rob is not always likable, and her flaws are on full display throughout the series. However, this makes her character more relatable and human. The show also explores the relationships between friends and family, adding depth to the overall story.

4. A Nostalgic Homage to the Original

While the TV series is a modern take on High Fidelity, it still pays homage to the original story. Fans of the book and movie will appreciate the nods to both versions throughout the series. From Rob’s record collection to her love of Top 5 lists, the show captures the essence of what made the original story so beloved.

At the same time, the TV series is not afraid to deviate from the source material. The show takes risks and adds new elements to the story that make it stand out on its own. This balance between nostalgia and innovation is what makes High Fidelity 2020 a successful adaptation.


In conclusion, High Fidelity 2020 is a must-watch for fans of the original story and anyone looking for a fresh take on relationships and music. The show’s diverse cast, soundtrack, and modern themes make it a standout in the crowded TV landscape. Whether you are a fan of Zoë Kravitz or just looking for a new show to binge-watch, High Fidelity 2020 is worth checking out.

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