Fashionably Dated Crossword

Fashionably Dated Crossword


Crosswords have been a popular pastime for decades, with people of all ages enjoying the challenge of solving them. The Fashionably Dated Crossword is a unique twist on the classic crossword puzzle, featuring clues and answers related to fashion trends from the past. In this article, we will explore the history of the Fashionably Dated Crossword, its popularity among crossword enthusiasts, and why it continues to be a beloved puzzle to this day.

Section 1: Origins of the Fashionably Dated Crossword

The Fashionably Dated Crossword was first introduced in the early 2000s by puzzle creator Cathy Allis. Allis was inspired by her love of fashion and her fascination with the history of fashion trends. She wanted to create a crossword puzzle that would not only challenge solvers but also educate them on the evolution of fashion over time.

Allis began researching fashion trends from the 1920s to the 1990s, gathering information on popular styles, designers, and iconic fashion moments. She then created clues and answers that would test solvers’ knowledge of these trends, from flapper dresses to bell-bottoms to shoulder pads.

The first Fashionably Dated Crossword was published in a local newspaper in Allis’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. It quickly gained popularity among readers, who appreciated the unique theme and challenging clues. Allis continued to create new Fashionably Dated Crosswords, which were eventually picked up by national publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Section 2: What Makes the Fashionably Dated Crossword Unique

What sets the Fashionably Dated Crossword apart from other crossword puzzles is its focus on fashion history. Each clue and answer is related to a specific fashion trend or moment in time, making it a fun and educational experience for solvers.

The Fashionably Dated Crossword also challenges solvers to think outside the box. Many of the clues require knowledge of fashion history that may not be common knowledge, such as the name of a designer from the 1950s or the year a particular trend became popular. This makes the puzzle a great way to learn about fashion history while also exercising the brain.

Another unique aspect of the Fashionably Dated Crossword is its visual appeal. Allis often includes illustrations or photographs of fashion trends from the past, adding an extra layer of interest and nostalgia to the puzzle.

Section 3: Popularity Among Crossword Enthusiasts

The Fashionably Dated Crossword has gained a devoted following among crossword enthusiasts, who appreciate its unique theme and challenging clues. Many solvers enjoy the educational aspect of the puzzle, learning about fashion history while also solving a crossword.

The puzzle has also been praised for its creativity and originality. While many crossword puzzles follow a similar format and theme, the Fashionably Dated Crossword stands out for its focus on fashion history and its use of visual elements.

The Fashionably Dated Crossword has even inspired other puzzle creators to create their own themed crosswords. Some have created puzzles focused on other areas of history, such as music or art, while others have created puzzles based on pop culture trends from the past.

Section 4: Why the Fashionably Dated Crossword Continues to Be Popular Today

Despite being introduced over a decade ago, the Fashionably Dated Crossword continues to be a beloved puzzle among solvers. One reason for its enduring popularity is its timeless theme. Fashion trends may come and go, but the history of fashion is always relevant and interesting.

The Fashionably Dated Crossword also appeals to a wide range of ages and interests. While some solvers may have lived through the fashion trends featured in the puzzle, others may be learning about them for the first time. The puzzle’s educational aspect makes it a great activity for classrooms or for families to enjoy together.

Finally, the Fashionably Dated Crossword is simply a fun and challenging puzzle to solve. Its unique theme and creative clues make it a refreshing change from traditional crossword puzzles, and its focus on fashion history adds an extra layer of interest.


The Fashionably Dated Crossword is a unique and beloved puzzle that has stood the test of time. Its focus on fashion history, challenging clues, and visual appeal have made it a favorite among crossword enthusiasts for over a decade. Whether you’re a fashion lover or simply enjoy a good crossword puzzle, the Fashionably Dated Crossword is sure to provide hours of entertainment and education.

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