Sod Mississauga From Brouwer Sod Farms

Sod Mississauga From Brouwer Sod Farms

Unlike grass seeds, which require a considerable amount of time to mature, sod Mississauga is pre-planted and ready for installation within just a couple of weeks. This makes it the ideal option for those who don’t have the patience or funds to invest in grass seeds.

Brouwer Sod Farms

Brouwer Sod Farms, situated in Ontario’s finest loam soil, cultivates sod for golf courses, construction sites, landscapers and homeowners. Their sod is grown using specialized seed blends designed for shade tolerance, sun resistance, wear resistance, disease resistance and drought resistance. Cultivated with top-grade soil that has been fertilized and watered precisely with precision, giving it a lush healthy appearance that stands the test of time.

Brouwer Sod Farms has earned a reputation for quality and service for over four decades, installing turf playing surfaces at BMO Field, Rogers Centre, The President’s Choice Ajax Ballpark, York University’s Track and Field Centre, Angus Glen Golf Course and Burlington Golf and Country Club.

Local sod farms are concerned about the effects of the drought on their operations and nearby wetlands. Gerry Brouwer, owner of Brouwer Sod Farms, is taking water from lower part of the Maskinonge to ensure his operation doesn’t suffer due to low levels in upper stream; however he worries about what this will do for other farmers in the area. He wants authorities to create a new water balance model within the Maskinonge to determine targets for future water taking that won’t have an adverse impact on heritage features like river banks.

Greenhorizons Sod Farms

Greenhorizons Sod Farms is one of the nation’s leading nursery grown sod producers. They offer a wide range of products for both residential and commercial customers, their most impressive offering being GHG Premium Bluegrass Sod – an exclusive blend of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars tested and evaluated by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. Sod is an excellent way to add aesthetic value to your home while cutting down on watering and fertilizing needs. Plus, it provides cool, healthy outdoor space you can enjoy all year round; plus it may even improve the aesthetics of your front yard!

No matter if you want to update your existing lawn, install sod in a new development or simply improve the aesthetic of your backyard, our selection of quality products has everything you need.

Brouwer Lawn Care

Brouwer Sod Farms uses only the best loamy soils to craft their sod from specialized seed blends that offer shade, sun, wear and drought resistance. They deliver to garden centres, landscapers and golf courses while offering yard and field pick up services too. With their innovative Brouwer Sod Harvester machine that cuts, rolls and stacks sod onto pallets in one operation – they are an industry leader when it comes to quality and service.

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