Guinea is said to make great pets as they are social and easy to tame. You can acquire a guinea pig from a shelter or rescue. Guinea pigs are in three types; the domestic short-hair, the Abyssinian, and the Peruvian. Below are some things to consider before acquiring a guinea pig.

  1. Guinea pigs require vitamin c

Like human beings, guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin c in the body. This is important since you have to be sure you can provide the guinea pig with a quality diet and a variety of fresh foods and roughage so that it can take in enough vitamin c. Besides the diet, be sure you can afford vitamin c tablets that act as supplements for the guinea pig. Ensure that you give it enough water to avoid dehydration, which kills them.

  1. They require a large cage to live in

Guinea pigs require large cages to live in since they like moving around, making it difficult to acquire more than one guinea pig since most of the pens in the market are way too small to shelter a pair of guinea pigs. You might be able to find a big cage, but you need more floor space in your home to keep the guinea pigs, limiting you from getting several guinea pigs.

  1. Guinea pigs are in different breeds and colors.

Since there are other guinea pig breeds, you need to research which breed you want and which color. This will also teach you how to tend and cater to the guinea pig. Knowing the breed of your guinea pig is essential in case it gets sick or during its breeding season and also gives you an idea of the best guinea pig to acquire.

  1. Guinea pigs are generally loud animals.

Guinea pigs are not the pet to go for if you are looking for a quiet animal. Guinea pigs make a whistling or squealing noise when needing attention or are hungry. The squealing sound can be surprisingly loud and annoying to people who do not like noise. After learning the sounds, your guinea pig makes, you can be able to communicate with it.

  1. Guinea pigs are social and friendly animals.

Guinea pigs, especially the Abyssinian breed, are easy to tame and interact with. They like to be kept in pairs, but you need to be sure they are ta same sex to avoid breeding which can even start a month after birth. If you are not with your guinea pig always, you should buy toys to play with and keep it busy when you are away.

  1. Guinea pigs are a long-term commitment.

Unlike most rodent pets, guinea pigs can live for up to 8 years, which makes them a lifelong commitment. Before acquiring a guinea pig, you need to be sure you can provide it with reasonable care for a long time. It would be sad to give away your guinea pig after you have been attached.

From the above considerations, depending on your flexibility, you should decide whether it is good to have a guinea pig as your pet.

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