The Rise of Indonesia-Based TaniHub Series A TechCrunch Analysis

The Rise of Indonesia-Based TaniHub Series A TechCrunch Analysis

The Indonesian start-up scene has been growing in recent years, with several of its companies garnering international attention. One of the most successful of these is TaniHub, a series of agricultural marketplaces founded in 2015. This article aims to explore the success of TaniHub, as well as its impact on the Indonesian economy and the startup scene. In particular, we will look at its journey to success, as reported by TechCrunch, and analyze its potential impact.

Overview of TaniHub

TaniHub is a series of online agricultural marketplaces founded in 2015 by two Indonesian entrepreneurs, Muhammad Nafan and Bimo Triyadi. Its mission is to connect Indonesian farmers to markets and buyers, enabling them to increase their income. The platform provides a marketplace for farmers to connect with buyers, as well as a variety of other services, such as access to loans, insurance, market data, and agricultural inputs.

TaniHub’s Rise to Success

Since its founding, TaniHub has seen exponential growth, with a reported 10 million users in 2019. This success has been attributed to its focus on agricultural technology, as well as its ability to scale quickly. According to TechCrunch, the company has raised more than $50 million in funding from investors, including SoftBank, Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, and the International Finance Corporation. This investment has allowed TaniHub to expand its reach to more than 250 cities and villages in Indonesia.

The Impact of TaniHub

TaniHub has had a significant impact on Indonesia’s economy, as well as its startup scene. The company’s success has encouraged more investors to invest in Indonesian startups, and its services have helped to increase the incomes of farmers in the country. Additionally, its focus on agricultural technology has inspired other startups to focus on similar areas, leading to a greater variety of services available to farmers.


In conclusion, TaniHub has seen great success since its founding in 2015. Its growth has been fueled by investments from a variety of sources, as well as its focus on agricultural technology. This success has had a positive impact on Indonesia’s economy and startup scene, as it has encouraged more investment in the country and has helped to increase the incomes of farmers.

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