The Lighting Essentials For Your Home

The Lighting Essentials For Your Home

Gone are the days when only a tube light was enough to make the house look good. A white light here and there and a forced warm-coloured bulb in corners of the house to illuminate the passageways are no longer required. Lighting is more of an art and the placement of lighting fixtures can make your house look like an entirely new house. Here are some essentials that make a lot of difference with minimal effort. 

Hanging Lamps

The concept of ceiling lights is further refined into hanging lamps. They are versatile and you can fit almost anything in this category. The freedom to pick anything from rattan or cane to metal hanging lamps is what makes it so great. A chandelier demands space, presence and the décor which matches the calibre of the well-cut crystals. However, hanging lamps can be modified as per the theme, colour, and ambience of the room. The placement can be in a corner or it can be right in the middle of the room. Hanging lamps are great for focused light and can be used above dining tables, breakfast nooks, and so on. 

Floor Lamps

Got a dark corner? Use a floor lamp! Looking for a nice night lamp? Use a floor lamp! The lamp that fits any décor situation and any wall colour is the floor lamp. Whether you have a vintage vibe going on or you have a boho-themed place, a floor lamp can truly do it all. The different colours, shapes, textures, and feel of floor lamps make them even more interesting. They can range from looking like an art piece to working as just another light in the library. 

Reading Lamps Or Study Lamps

The most effective and useful lamps in the house are the reading lamp and study lamp. They give you the privacy to read without disturbing the other person. The concentrated light in your book ensures your eyes are not strained and you can see without much effort. The reading lamp or study lamp can be placed beside the bed on the side table. Another place where you can successfully use this lamp is the library or the reading nook in your home. 

Cove Lighting

Ditch the idea of a false ceiling and start working on creative ways to include cover lighting in the room. You can start by seeing the scope for cove lighting near curtains and on walls. A well-lit room has light in every corner and there is no dark corner. A good design of cove lighting ensures you are covering the whole room and you are not overwhelming the person in the room with bright lights. They also leave the scope for some lamps and lights that can be sprinkled around the room. 

Artsy Lamps

The point of these lamps is not to provide light but to softly illuminate certain corners of the house. These include beautiful lights with statues, sand art, lights fitted in a small fountain, and so on. These fixtures are great for highlighting certain items in your showcase or for giving your space depth. The lamps can also be paintings with background light.  

The lighting fixtures in the house can impact the space tremendously. The best way is to be creative and experiment constantly. When you experiment, it is tough to figure things out in natural light. Remember to test it in darkness and check the impact of the pattern of the lamp on the walls. These lighting essentials for your home will surely make it easier for you to decorate your home.

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