TekRevol and GCC: Our Plan in Dubai

TekRevol and GCC: Our Plan in Dubai

TekRevol has been on a transitional journey from the very first day, and over the past four years, as we went past Silicon Valley, and decided to embrace new initiatives – our presence grow alongside as well, and once we set out in the GCC – we saw what the region has to offer and the kind of role we can play in a bigger ecosystem.

The aim is to disrupt the technological landscape in GCC through our presence and the insights we aim to put forward.

We do acknowledge that our growth had slowed down during the pandemic, and we had to suspend our operations in the region momentarily but soon enough – in Q4 of 2021 – we picked up the pace and marked our territory.

In a post oil-era, with tourism already booming in the city, Dubai is set to be “the” tech hub according to Wall Street Journal. With investments already underway, and a thriving startup culture where entrepreneurs are actively enabled to do more by the government – we believe that our TekRevolutionaries can do more than the ordinary and reach new benchmarks.

Dubai Workspace

Our recent expansion in Dubai is a testament to the fact that we have been overseeing how digital transformation is evolving in the region and we hope to help our clients and partners upscale their business – building a better presence in the UAE and the rest of the GCC.

I am the Principal Product Strategist at TekRevol and I am mainly responsible for overseeing the GCC region, and recently – with Ramy Khairallah onboarded as the Business Development Manager, our presence in Dubai is about to transcend to new boundaries.

With changing business models in the technology landscape, technology continues to evolve and our team is persisting through with a 360-degree approach, guiding our clients to take the right step.

We are juggling through multiple time zones and with remote-first as our priority, we are still continuing to collaborate in real-time, being present across different assembles – operating in different regions. We’re based in the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), right across the Dubai Marina, accessible to everyone. With a sustainable culture and natural inhabitants all over the area, it is the place to be for mobile app development in Dubai based services and products.

What We Do

TekRevol is a digital transformation firm with leading capabilities in mobile app development, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, and an overall 360° digitization services across the spectrum. Our goal is to empower enterprises and startups through our strategy and experience – aiming to drive innovation and growth – while also humanizing the entire workflow.

As we incline towards a Web3 ecosystem – TekRevol is actively working on incorporating Blockchain elements and so far – our experience when it comes to the intersection between artificial intelligence, NFTs, Internet of Things, and other cryptography technologies remains unparalleled.

To digitally transform and prepare our clients for changes in the upcoming decade – our presence in GCC is supported by the trust and transparency we assure – aiming to foster a culture where diversity and inclusion matter.

Vision for the Future

Moving forward – we would like to say that “we are all over GCC” – our presence in Dubai further accelerates to other cities in the region such as Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Manama (Bahrain). And soon enough, we aim to reach Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman as well.

With Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia enabling a diversified economy and space for startups to grow and thrive in the region – we hope to empower our clients to build their presence and become the next major spotlight in the Kingdom.

TekRevol was recently enlisted in the Inc.5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in America – covering an 829% growth in a matter of three years. In the GCC, we hope to follow a similar trajectory and eventually be covered in the Forbes Middle East – as one of the top 10 companies.


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