The Amazing Performance of Peterbilt Trucks

The Amazing Performance of Peterbilt Trucks

Ask any trucker what they first think of when it comes to trucks or truck manufacturers and it’s highly likely that they’ll mention Peterbilt trucks. There are several reasons for this, such as these trucks typically being notably durable and reliable, not to mention iconic. But such reasons don’t quite illustrate why an owner-operator would choose one particular manufacturer over another, let alone pick a certain truck model. 

That said, why makes Peterbilt trucks so special, and why are they still going strong? 

Great Dealership Network

Peterbilt trucks have a pretty wide dealership network, and that comes with some of the best services. That’s a definite perk when time is of the essence and you need your truck checked for problems and potentially repaired. The sooner inspection and repairs are done, the sooner your truck can get back on the road, and the quicker you’ll resume earning money. 

Having a wide dealership network also means that you’ll have less trouble looking for, say, a Peterbilt 389 for sale to start expanding your fleet. This also means you won’t have to spend as much time traveling just to inspect the truck and perhaps take it for a test drive. 

In short, that’s less time searching for and purchasing a truck, less time spent waiting for a mechanic, and less downtime because of repairs. What’s not to love? 

Impeccable Quality Control

Another reason Peterbilt trucks hold their value longer and don’t entail a lot of downtimes is because the manufacturer is great at making sure they build their trucks properly each time. This quality control means that Peterbilt doesn’t rush to build a single truck, which leads to more opportunities for testing and correcting anything that may be a problem before the big rig goes to market. 

Such quality control also means that even used trucks won’t spend too much time in a repair shop, as long as the previous owner took care of it and made sure the truck was properly maintained. 

A Commitment to Improvement

There’s no avoiding having to discontinue truck models as time goes on, especially when doing so heralds the arrival of a worthy successor. Peterbilt 389 is one example of this. Peterbilt discontinued the 379 models in 2007, the same year they introduced the 389. As with any new product, people were skeptical at first, especially those truckers who’d grown used to the 379. Slowly, however, it became clear that the 389 model was an improvement on its predecessor. 


This semi truck merged Peterbilt’s renowned workmanship with a re-engineered frame and hood built to house the then-new ‘07 engine and associated cooling system. There were obvious cosmetic changes, but most, if not all, were made to improve the truck’s aerodynamics and offset the economic issues truckers encountered with previous models. Now, the design has been tried and tested, the all-aluminum cab with bulkhead-style doors and aircraft-grade fasteners proving equal to if not better than previous models when it comes to durability.


All in all, it’s clear that this manufacturer looks for ways to improve their trucks, and when something doesn’t work as well as planned, they’re committed to pinpointing where they went wrong and correcting their mistakes, whether in later generations of a particular model or by producing a new one that clearly improves on the old.

That said, you can’t go wrong with a Peterbilt truck, whether it’s new or a used truck that’s been well looked after. So if you want to go ahead with searching for a Peterbilt 389 for sale – or any model, for that matter – you can visit this page to get started.

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