How SmartNav Helps Peterbilt Trucks

How SmartNav Helps Peterbilt Trucks

Peterbilt Motors Co. is among the most renowned truck manufacturers in America. A company founded in 1939 from its acquisition of the Fageol Truck and Motor Company to specialize and build heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial vehicles. Peterbilt’s initial business particularly impacted the trucking industry. The company provided vehicles to assist the lumber industry through modern and efficient transportation.

Peterbilt continues to offer its updated approach and quality standard. The motor company proudly introduces SmartNav. It is a high-technological information and entertainment system. But even when it is up to date to the current times, how does it help Peterbilt trucks, owner-operators, and fleet managers? Uncover the truth on SmartNav below.


It is an American Fortune 500 company and one of the largest manufacturers of both heavy and medium-duty commercial trucks worldwide. It dominates the industries of heavy equipment, engines, automotive, power train, financial services, truck components, and information technology. It’s still going strong in business for more than a decade and is associated with Peterbilt. SmartNav is its business technology and proprietary navigation system specifically for Peterbilt’s commercial vehicles.


The system authorizes internet browsing for its users with the use of a modem. Due to this particular connectivity, it grants an easier opportunity for the users to link up with Peterbilt’s TruckCare, PACCAR Financial, or PACCAR Parts.


It features the conventional AM/FM and Weather bands. Aside from these, radio data streaming is accessible. Other highlights are Sirius capability, a USB port for devices with memory files, a CD player, and Bluetooth audio streaming from the enabled Bluetooth devices. As a result, the truck would acquire crisp and clear audio not solely for music but for other means too.


Incoming and outgoing calls are fully acknowledged via the voice-recognition feature. Users have the chance to connect and see previous log calls, and storage for contact information and text messages is enabled by a Bluetooth connection.


The Truck-Specific Navigation tool proffers a system that has mapped out the essential routes for trucking parameters. Even the bridge heights and weight restrictions are provided. It is a tool created by Garim that’s considered a PACCAR-exclusive characteristic which has become a big highlight on Peterbilt trucks and points of interest.

Truck’s Operating Information

The specifics on trucks’ operating details are granted without hassle, thanks to SmartNav. These are the six virtual gauges. Users acquire real-time measurements of torque, pressure, horsepower, idle time, fuel use, present fuel flow rate, and a hybrid system when pertinent. 

The diagnostics are continuously supervised, thus attaining any crucial warnings with the operator monitor of the system. When signs happen, the system will immediately guide the user to suitable actions and functions. 

How long will it usually take for the response? It would take at least a minute’s complete information for the system to provide a deliberate response for different situations.

Will SmartNav be the only standard for Peterbilt?

There’s no other standard that will support Peterbilt’s heavy and medium commercial vehicles. It helps immensely with any trucking business, especially those who rely on Peterbilt’s trucks. What’s more, SmartNav is premium quality with efficient solutions and innovative engineering. There’s no other better option. For your interest in Peterbilt 379 for sale, click here.

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